Fried Hornets, Firm Faith


Fried Hornets. It takes some adjusting to their appearance, but close your eyes and try one. They have a nice crunch and aren’t really that bad! Nonetheless, I could only eat a few, thinking about what they were.

Had these on a recent trip to some far-from-home parts of China. Saw and encouraged some brothers and sisters in Christ. Mostly sisters. It was amazing to see how they held on to their faith while their husbands were away and far from the faith. They live hard lives and there is no other Christian influence in that area (that we know of). I thought about the power of God that kept them faithful in such a faithless environment, as they gathered in an old shack that could only seat about 20 people.

One older lady had barely any hair left and only one tooth sticking out when she smiled. But it was a great big smile and she was fun to talk to! Another lady asked for prayer for her back. We prayed, and she said she was beginning to feel better. We also prayed for more men to get involved.

In another place, I had the privilege to share for a few minutes. Normally I speak English and use a translator. Since there was no translator, I spoke Chinese. The funny thing about this was that our Chinese brother who traveled with us translated my Chinese into— Chinese! He understood me well enough, and he knows the message, so he could take my ‘foreign’ Chinese and really make it Chinese for the hearers! (I hope that makes sense. The thing about Chinese is that you can speak the language knowing some vocabulary and grammar, but there is a whole other aspect to the language that goes beyond that. It is the way things are phrased and said that make the difference).

We were thankful for a safe trip and thankful for the blessings that we have. We will miss our new friends, but I am content to be without the hornets.


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3 thoughts on “Fried Hornets, Firm Faith

  1. Amen for toothless smiles with eternal joy behind them! I’ll pass on the hornets. 🙂

  2. I will share this with our boys Rick. They won’t believe you ate them.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be the one that has to catch the hornets for dinner!

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