Definition of Christianity

I was clearing away some old books and found two volumes of Christian history. Here’s the note I had written on the first page after reading about all the undesirable events that occurred…

Christianity= The practice of those who call themselves Christians. This may include or be distinct from the actual Christian faith or the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The spread of Christianity” may include but does not equate to the spread of the gospel.

Kind of heady words, but the point is that “Christianity” or “Christendom” should not be confused with the actual born-again faith in Jesus Christ. We do not want to spread Christianity, we want to spread the good news and love of Jesus.

The good news: God loves us, and while we were yet sinners Christ died for us! Those who turn to Him and believe are completely forgiven and counted as righteous. Because Jesus rose from the dead, they are given the gift of eternal life, a life that satisfies now and not just later in the age to come. Without struggling to become better people, the Spirit of Christ dwells in their hearts and changes them from the inside out. Then they change the world, not by crusades or control, but by the power of God’s love.


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