Happy New Year- Again!


Once again, it’s Chinese New Year- this year is the Year of the Dragon! But we will live our year for Jesus.

Stores are shutting down and fireworks are going up. These pictures are from one section of a street near us. These special fireworks tables are set up everywhere, though. You can buy simple bottle rockets or you can buy the big expensive works of art that light up the sky. No need to go to a park to watch a special display- these things are going off continually and everywhere at this time of the year. Car alarms often sound off in “joyful response.”

We need not be troubled by all the sudden booms because we know what it is all about. In the same way, Christians need not be troubled by all the startling things that are going on in the world– we know what it is all about. We have a commission not to be troubled but to be light (John 14:27; Matthew 5:14). When we start operating in the Spirit, truth, and love, it will be quite a display of hope to those who need the Lord.

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