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Landslides and Waterfalls


Psalm 97:5: The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD…


Thankful to be home after an awesome trip to an area near the Vietnam border! On the way back, we were stranded when a part of the mountain fell onto the road. This was scary, because it looked like many other spots could have come down as well. We left the car on the mountainside, hiked over the dirt and walked into the small nowhere town below.

That night we stayed in a dumpy little hotel. How wonderful though! A dumpy hotel in a nowhere town can be the Ritz if you change your perspective. We might have been stranded miles away and stuck in the car.

I felt an assurance that the car would be okay, but that night was difficult. The devil tempted me with all kinds of worst-case scenarios: “It’s rainy season. What if they can’t clear that mess? You’ll be stuck here for days!” The devil will always try to tempt us with worst-case scenarios! It is necessary to guard our minds and hearts- to resist these thoughts and think instead on the Word.
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Getting Away from the City

   On a recent trip to the countryside, I once again marveled at the beauty of the scenery. Something is actually lifted when you break away from the rut and riot of the city. There are two cities in the book of Revelation. One is described as a harlot, Babylon. The other is described as […] Continue reading →

Old Town, Neon Sign

     The cities of China are rapidly developing. We are in the midst of road upheaval in our own town- the streets being torn up everywhere while they work on putting in a subway. The picture above is from a peaceful and smaller town hours away. Still keeping the ancient architecture, yet plopping a […] Continue reading →

Happy New Year- Again!

   Once again, it’s Chinese New Year- this year is the Year of the Dragon! But we will live our year for Jesus. Stores are shutting down and fireworks are going up. These pictures are from one section of a street near us. These special fireworks tables are set up everywhere, though. You can buy […] Continue reading →

Fried Hornets, Firm Faith

    Fried Hornets. It takes some adjusting to their appearance, but close your eyes and try one. They have a nice crunch and aren’t really that bad! Nonetheless, I could only eat a few, thinking about what they were. Had these on a recent trip to some far-from-home parts of China. Saw and encouraged some […] Continue reading →

How to Find Joy

 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. (Isaiah 55:12). It is a privilege to serve the Lord in China. In spite of the difficult environment, the […] Continue reading →

I See Food

 Traveled to a coastal city here in China and stayed with some friends. This is what they served- mostly seafood- and this is what the table looked like for four days… Living in China has given us opportunities to try all kinds of new foods. Sometimes things taste pretty good if you can forget what […] Continue reading →