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Bringing Down the House

 Saw these friendly workers on a recent trip through a small village. They were destroying this house in order to make way for something new. They stopped to shout”Hello” and waved to us funny looking westerners walking by! The Lord is making way for something new in the days ahead! I believe He is tearing […] Continue reading →

Mountains, Monks, and Yaks

 Some sights from Tibet… We stayed right next door to a temple and the market area surrounding it. Crowds of people would daily walk around this area, chanting prayers and spinning prayer wheels. Some would fall prostrate after every few steps and then go further and repeat the process. Others park in front of the […] Continue reading →

Tea Culture

 Drinking tea can be a real art form in China. Pu Er Tea is considered a treasure of Yunnan province, and its leaves can be bought from any normal price up to even a thousand dollars per kilogram! Tea bags are not normally used, like we have in the West. Loose leaves sit at the […] Continue reading →

Mountain Adventures

 A bathroom without porcelain, And some other shots from a recent village trip… Talking to my wife- I could get a phone signal if I stood in just the right place and did not turn my head while talking! Phone battery was running low, though, and there was no electricity in the village. So how […] Continue reading →