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The Grace Agent: God’s Mission To and Through An Unlikely Vessel

A modern day missions memoir- over 20 years in the making!

Learn how God, the Grace Agent, infiltrated the life of a self-centered guy and led him to the remote corners of the earth!

Get in on the adventure and get encouraged in this fast and fun read (186 pages). Learn how God empowers us by love and transforms us to be His own grace agents for the kingdom…on earth as it is in heaven!

Different ways to get the book…

Grace can accomplish through you what you can never do yourself!  Invite God, the Grace Agent, into your life and rise up for this hour that so desperately needs you.


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Jesus Says Love One Another

  “I know Jesus says love one another. But you don’t know these people!” Brothers and sisters, it’s possible. If God is love, and we are of God, then it has to be. Jesus was love incarnate, love in action. He also commanded the disciples to love one another. In fact, Jesus proclaimed, “By this […] Continue reading →

Divine Workmanship

   For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them Ephesians 2:10. We are his workmanship. It is easy to get this wrong. It is often the case that believers struggle, trying to do everything in their own efforts. We forget […] Continue reading →

Are You a Jeep or a Rolls Royce?

   “Behold, all things have become NEW!” We like New. It is a great selling point in advertising! When we buy something new, we want to keep it new for as long as possible. Maybe after it gets old, we will let someone borrow it or care less about it. In Christ, however, we are […] Continue reading →

Be Clean

   Here is my attempt at being poetic: Faith is the faucet that turns on the shower of God’s grace. Ok, so I’m not Shakespeare! But think about it. In a normal shower, the water is already in the pipes, it just needs to be released. This is the way it is with God’s love, […] Continue reading →

Sin Boldly?

   “BE A SINNER, and sin boldly…” This may be a shocking statement, but what makes it more shocking is who it came from. It would appear to be straight from the devil himself! But wait- this advice actually came from none other than the great reformer, Martin Luther. Martin Luther was the famous monk […] Continue reading →