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The Grace Agent: God’s Mission To and Through An Unlikely Vessel

A modern day missions memoir- over 20 years in the making!

Learn how God, the Grace Agent, infiltrated the life of a self-centered guy and led him to the remote corners of the earth!

Get in on the adventure and get encouraged in this fast and fun read (186 pages). Learn how God empowers us by love and transforms us to be His own grace agents for the kingdom…on earth as it is in heaven!

Different ways to get the book…

Grace can accomplish through you what you can never do yourself!  Invite God, the Grace Agent, into your life and rise up for this hour that so desperately needs you.


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Does God Lead Us Into Temptation?

   It’s often been taught that God brings His people into trying situations in order to produce something good. But if this is true, why would Jesus teach us to pray, “lead us not into temptation”? Temptation is present everywhere. It’s present with you the minute you wake up in the morning! You might be […] Continue reading →

Conformed or Transformed?

  Paul instructed, be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). To be conformed means to be passively fashioned or molded. You don’t have to do anything, you just get shaped. The influences of the world easily settle in and have effects on your life […] Continue reading →

Receiving a Kingdom

In a time of uncertainty and world shaking, Hebrews 12:28 reports good news: that we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved. This is in the present tense! While the kingdoms of this world are in disarray, Christians can be strong, standing on the Rock. Instead, Christians have a tendency to get shaken just […] Continue reading →

Aim for Greater

   It’s our turn to do the miracles. We are not helpless- all things are possible to him who believes! So how is it then, that the church seems to be struggling? Why do we read of great exploits in the book of Acts, and then fail to see the same in our modern surroundings? […] Continue reading →