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Praying “Our Father…”


While a multitude of churches around the world make it a weekly practice to recite the Lord’s Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4) is taught to be a model: “After this manner, therefore pray…”

Of course, it’s not wrong to recite the prayer. My fear, though, is that in the name of tradition, it’s often recited meaninglessly. When this happens, it can become what Jesus warned of just before teaching it: a vain repetition (Matt.6:7).

The prayer is found in two different places, and in each place there is some variation in the recorded words. That, along with the fact that it doesn’t appear in other New Testament prayers, reveals that it wasn’t a prescription to be uttered in every instance. Nonetheless, praying through it thoughtfully can be quite helpful.

The Lord’s Prayer is a divine model, full of depth and meaning. It’s not only a model for prayer, but it’s a model for Christian living.

And it all begins with honoring the Father.
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