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The Grace Agent: God’s Mission To and Through An Unlikely Vessel

A modern day missions memoir- over 20 years in the making!

Learn how God, the Grace Agent, infiltrated the life of a self-centered guy and led him to the remote corners of the earth!

Get in on the adventure and get encouraged in this fast and fun read (186 pages). Learn how God empowers us by love and transforms us to be His own grace agents for the kingdom…on earth as it is in heaven!

Different ways to get the book…

Grace can accomplish through you what you can never do yourself!  Invite God, the Grace Agent, into your life and rise up for this hour that so desperately needs you.


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The Election that Counts

The presidential election is big, but there’s a greater election that God-fearing citizens should be concerned with- their own! You may not be running for president, but if you’ve trusted in Jesus as your personal lord and savior, you’ve been called to a high office. You’ve been called to “walk worthy of the Lord unto […] Continue reading →

In Word and Deed

Faith without WORDS is dead! We are created in the image of a communicating God, and it’s not what goes in the mouth, but what comes out of the mouth that defiles a man (Matthew 15:11). If we believe, we need to confess Jesus is Lord. What comes out of the mouth on a regular […] Continue reading →

Now Podcasting

   Get 15-minute shots of encouragement through the Interpulpit Radio Blast! Still broadcasting on the Fourteen12 radio network, but now you can listen or download at your convenience. It’s available at the link above or you can subscribe through iTunes.     Continue reading →

What’s Your Story?

   When Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the crowds shouted, “Hosanna!” (John 12:13). This means, “save” or “rescue,” and it was shouted in the form of praise to the One they believed would free them from the Roman occupation. Not long after that, however, they turned around and shouted, “Crucify Him!” They got […] Continue reading →

Fascination with Sorcery?

 I can tell from my website stats that I get a lot of visitors to this blog through Google searches for the terms, “sorcery real life”. They then get directed to my post, Sorcery in the Real World. What I can’t tell from the stats is whether they actually read through the whole article or […] Continue reading →

How to Know God’s Will

   “WHAT SHOULD I DO?…How do I know I am making the right choice?…What is God’s will for my life?…” At some point or another every Christian comes to a point of decision, a crossroads, or an identity crisis that sends him or her seeking for divine wisdom or a revelation from above. Sometimes they […] Continue reading →