Stay Uninformed

   I learned a few years ago to stop paying so much attention to the news. I am a lot happier now! I used to pour over the alarmist headlines and fill my head with all the doom and gloom of the world, and then wonder why it was so hard to walk with the […] Continue reading →

Definition of Christianity

 I was clearing away some old books and found two volumes of Christian history. Here’s the note I had written on the first page after reading about all the undesirable events that occurred… Christianity= The practice of those who call themselves Christians. This may include or be distinct from the actual Christian faith or the […] Continue reading →


   Think of what it would be like to actually stand before God. We’re all going to have to do it at some point. There you are, imperfect you, in front of the most ultimately perfect and majestic Lord of Glory! He is so pure and holy, and you are, well, you! Can you really […] Continue reading →

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

 Some Christians believe that Christmas is wrong and that we should have nothing to do with it. They note the pagan origins of the winter festival, the associations with the ‘Christ Mass’, and the incessant commercialism and materialism. I agree with them that Christmas has no Biblical warrant, and I believe that there are many […] Continue reading →

Faith or Conviction?

   Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). A lot of people believe all the right things, but have little faith! Many believers who are full of good Bible teaching still fail to experience victory or change in their lives. Anxiety, worry, and fear are […] Continue reading →

Fullness in the Spirit

     THE NEEDLE KEPT bouncing up and down. “That’s odd,” I thought, but continued to drive with confidence that we had enough fuel to get back to the city. I had never run out of gas before, and sometimes the needle went well below “E” before the next fill up. Now we were returning […] Continue reading →

Invisible Pulpits

 This is from one of my older books, The Invisible Pulpit, that I am now revising… THE PREACHER STEPPED up to the pulpit and peered out to his congregation with a somber look in his eyes. He read the passage to be expounded with a semi-nasal tone and a dryness that could absorb the recently […] Continue reading →