Freedom in Christ

a vision for missions What is the state of sin in a believer’s life? The Bible reveals that the Christian is victorious, freed from sin, and alive to righteousness. It is not just that Jesus saves believers from judgment, but the Word expressly says He will save His people from their sins (Matt.1:21). Sin shall not have dominion over […] Continue reading →

God Didn’t Make You Sick

 Many Christians relate to God in an Old Testament context. They know God is merciful, but they tend to see Him as angry and judgmental. He sent plagues and disaster upon Egypt and also threatened Israel with the same if they didn’t obey His commands. The prophets continually spoke of His impending judgment because of […] Continue reading →

How to Manage Time and Keep Appointments

“I am so busy!” So many people say this, and sometimes I think it is something of a boast. To be busy is to feel important, or at least it keeps one from thinking they are unimportant! There are others, however, who wish they were not so busy. A Chinese friend recently told me he […] Continue reading →

The Truth About Truth

 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). Jesus said it- it is either true or it is not. “Well, maybe for you it is true, but for me, I believe in Buddha!” Postmodernism is a blight on our […] Continue reading →

The Three Tenses of Faith in Healing

 This article was written long ago by FANNIE F. ROWE [from the Christian and Missionary Alliance Newsletter, vol.31; no.24; March 13, 1909; New York.] “I will make My covenant between thee and Me, and will multiply thee exceedingly” Genesis 17:2. “Behold My covenant is with thee!” Genesis 17:4. “For a father of many nations have […] Continue reading →

Worship Music and Substance

 “Mrs. Fribblebiddy doesn’t like the loud music you played today! She has complained to the elders. Turn it down!!!” And so the new worship leader’s hopes of taking the church to the next level in worship were dashed. Back to the old pump organ! What is the best music to play for a worship service? […] Continue reading →