Quiz for Theologians: Finney or Augustine?

 Question: Two passage selections below. One is written by Charles Finney, and one is written by St. Augustine. Test your knowledge. Can you tell who wrote which one? A. All of Adam’s race, who are or ever will be saved, were from eternity chosen by God to eternal salvation, through the sanctification of their hearts […] Continue reading →

Charles Finney is NOT a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

 The charge that ‘Charles Finney is a heretic’ is often the result of ignorance and misrepresentation. Granted, Finney often used controversial terms to state his positions, but those who would hear him out would recognize a brother- perhaps a brother with whom they disagree- but certainly not a heretic. In spite of his peculiar understanding […] Continue reading →

I See Food

 Traveled to a coastal city here in China and stayed with some friends. This is what they served- mostly seafood- and this is what the table looked like for four days… Living in China has given us opportunities to try all kinds of new foods. Sometimes things taste pretty good if you can forget what […] Continue reading →

Bringing Down the House

 Saw these friendly workers on a recent trip through a small village. They were destroying this house in order to make way for something new. They stopped to shout”Hello” and waved to us funny looking westerners walking by! The Lord is making way for something new in the days ahead! I believe He is tearing […] Continue reading →

Win Christ

 We were in the States in 2010 and enjoyed great times with family and friends. Here is the book I distributed wherever we went to speak. I’ve gone through something of a spiritual revolution in the past few years, and this book contains some of the most liberating truths I have ever learned! There are […] Continue reading →

Mountains, Monks, and Yaks

 Some sights from Tibet… We stayed right next door to a temple and the market area surrounding it. Crowds of people would daily walk around this area, chanting prayers and spinning prayer wheels. Some would fall prostrate after every few steps and then go further and repeat the process. Others park in front of the […] Continue reading →

Tea Culture

 Drinking tea can be a real art form in China. Pu Er Tea is considered a treasure of Yunnan province, and its leaves can be bought from any normal price up to even a thousand dollars per kilogram! Tea bags are not normally used, like we have in the West. Loose leaves sit at the […] Continue reading →