The Church as The Incarnation

  At Christmas, we celebrate the incarnation. We remember the Word became flesh, when God clothed Himself in the person of a man, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was the perfect representation of God, and the reason for the incarnation was to reveal who God is, and His love for mankind. When you receive Jesus […] Continue reading →

Things to Be Thankful For

  Thanksgiving comes as a holiday once a year, and that reminds the secular folks to count their blessings. We, as believers, know that thanksgiving is really every day. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thessalonians 5:18). This does not mean your particular situation […] Continue reading →


It only takes a short amount of time to read from chapter 12 to chapter 21 in the book of Genesis. If you read a chapter a day, it would only take 10 days. The promise that Abraham received in chapter 12, however, took 25 years before Isaac’s birth is recorded in chapter 21. That’s […] Continue reading →

Healing Scriptures

   Healing Scriptures. The Bible gives more than enough evidence to show that healing is available to ALL through Jesus Christ. He is not testing you with sickness. It is not a “blessing in disguise.” Jesus never placed cancer on anyone. He came to save, and to give life. The Gospels reveal Him dealing with […] Continue reading →

Can I See Your ID?

  Recently as I was recording one of my radio episodes, I found myself making quite a bold statement: “Don’t call yourself a Christian if you’re not living a godly life. I’m not judging you, and it may be true that you’re indeed a Christian. But if you’re not living for the Lord, don’t embarrass […] Continue reading →

The Name: I AM

 It was during the mid-1700s, a time known as the Great Awakening, that men like George Whitefield and John Wesley burned through England and America with revival fire. Both preachers preached to thousands in the open-air because many churches wouldn’t have them. Whitefield was particularly known for his eloquent and animated preaching. Nobody could command […] Continue reading →

Have A Blast!

  The Interpulpit Radio Blast is now airing on the Fourteen 12 Radio Network. It is 15 minutes of glorious gospel truths, much like you see here, only you can listen instead of read! Monday through Friday at 9:15 am and 3:15 pm CST. Go to, tune in and spread the word!     Continue reading →