Receiving a Kingdom

In a time of uncertainty and world shaking, Hebrews 12:28 reports good news: that we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved. This is in the present tense! While the kingdoms of this world are in disarray, Christians can be strong, standing on the Rock. Instead, Christians have a tendency to get shaken just […] Continue reading →

An Easy Way to Memorize Scripture

  It’s amazing- many people have no problem memorizing lyrics to a song, sports statistics, or certain lines from movies, but when they attempt to memorize Scripture- their minds go blank! Why is that? Maybe it is because they have gone about it the wrong way. Scripture memorization is often presented as more or less […] Continue reading →

Landslides and Waterfalls

   Psalm 97:5: The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD… Thankful to be home after an awesome trip to an area near the Vietnam border! On the way back, we were stranded when a part of the mountain fell onto the road. This was scary, because it looked like many other […] Continue reading →

Transition Time

   Well it finally happened- After 18 years in China, the Lord is leading us home. The plan is to return to the States in September. We do not yet know exactly where we will live or what we will be doing, but we trust God has us in His hands. Peter walked on the […] Continue reading →

10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Trial

  10. Dwelling more on the problem in prayer than on the answers in God’s Word.   9. Rehearsing the worst outcomes in your mind instead of thinking on things that are true, excellent, and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).   8. Resisting the urge to talk to a friend because you have to keep up an […] Continue reading →

Aim for Greater

   It’s our turn to do the miracles. We are not helpless- all things are possible to him who believes! So how is it then, that the church seems to be struggling? Why do we read of great exploits in the book of Acts, and then fail to see the same in our modern surroundings? […] Continue reading →