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Old Town, Neon Sign


The cities of China are rapidly developing. We are in the midst of road upheaval in our own town- the streets being torn up everywhere while they work on putting in a subway.

The picture above is from a peaceful and smaller town hours away. Still keeping the ancient architecture, yet plopping a neon advertisement sign right on it! When we first came to China it was all bicycles and oxcarts. Here you see the electric scooter parked in front.

Some people have opposed modernization and would rather be stuck in the past.

This is a great example of retaining China’s cultural distinctive while advancing with modern progress.

How about your faith and understanding of God’s Word? Are you stuck in the past, only able to function in the old traditions? There are yet fresh revelations to be had. An expectation of this will make your Bible reading more exciting.

Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.

(Matthew 13:52)


Happy New Year- Again!

   Once again, it’s Chinese New Year- this year is the Year of the Dragon! But we will live our year for Jesus. Stores are shutting down and fireworks are going up. These pictures are from one section of a street near us. These special fireworks tables are set up everywhere, though. You can buy […] Continue reading →

Fried Hornets, Firm Faith

    Fried Hornets. It takes some adjusting to their appearance, but close your eyes and try one. They have a nice crunch and aren’t really that bad! Nonetheless, I could only eat a few, thinking about what they were. Had these on a recent trip to some far-from-home parts of China. Saw and encouraged some […] Continue reading →

Learning How to Adjust in a Foreign Culture

 Many years ago an advertising campaign in America attracted millions with a slogan reflecting a typical American cultural value, individualism. “Have it YOUR way” was sung and repeated over and over again for Burger King, emphasizing the fact that anyone could order the restaurant’s food and have it specially prepared to meet their own specific […] Continue reading →

Tea Culture

 Drinking tea can be a real art form in China. Pu Er Tea is considered a treasure of Yunnan province, and its leaves can be bought from any normal price up to even a thousand dollars per kilogram! Tea bags are not normally used, like we have in the West. Loose leaves sit at the […] Continue reading →