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God’s Will

The Prayer of Faith


Prayer is one of the most important and powerful aspects of the Christian life. The devil knows that he’s in trouble when Christians begin to pray. That’s why it’s so hard to develop our prayer life. There are many hindrances and distractions. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, and the principalities and powers do all they can to take advantage of our weaknesses. Anything to keep us from praying!

That’s because things change when Christians pray. Everyone prays, but Christian prayer makes a difference. After Saul was converted on the Damascus road, the Lord told Ananias, “Behold, he prayeth” (Acts 9:11). Surely Saul had prayed many times before as a Pharisee. But now something was different.
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Healing Scriptures

   Healing Scriptures. The Bible gives more than enough evidence to show that healing is available to ALL through Jesus Christ. He is not testing you with sickness. It is not a “blessing in disguise.” Jesus never placed cancer on anyone. He came to save, and to give life. The Gospels reveal Him dealing with […] Continue reading →

Transition Time

   Well it finally happened- After 18 years in China, the Lord is leading us home. The plan is to return to the States in September. We do not yet know exactly where we will live or what we will be doing, but we trust God has us in His hands. Peter walked on the […] Continue reading →

Is God Disciplining You?

   Many sufferers believe that their trials are from God, who sends them “for their own good.” This is the result of a long history of religious teaching. Tradition has taught us to believe that God wants to smite us more than bless us. It has taught us to expect that the only way to […] Continue reading →

Your Troubles are Not Your Crosses

I used to struggle under the notion that the trials I was going through may be crosses that God wanted me to bear. A theology of suffering was presented and I was encouraged to believe that somehow God was getting glory out of my problems. Since then I have subscribed to a theology of victory, […] Continue reading →

How to Know God’s Will

   “WHAT SHOULD I DO?…How do I know I am making the right choice?…What is God’s will for my life?…” At some point or another every Christian comes to a point of decision, a crossroads, or an identity crisis that sends him or her seeking for divine wisdom or a revelation from above. Sometimes they […] Continue reading →

God Wants Us Happy

 God wants us happy? Isn’t that heresy? There is a great revolution against religion that is taking place in the world today. No, I am not talking about what the “new atheists” are writing, nor what the special interest groups are promoting. I am referring to many Christians who have discovered that grace truly is […] Continue reading →