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Romans 7

Live Deliberately

Usually Christians hardly feel like saints. But as in other areas of life, it is sometimes necessary to take responsibility and play the part.

It is easy to put off all the work of gospel living to God alone. While it is true that we must depend upon God for the fruit, it is absolutely wrong to just wait passively for the fruit to come. How do we get the life of Christ to manifest on the outside, without falling into legalism and works?

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Be Clean

   Here is my attempt at being poetic: Faith is the faucet that turns on the shower of God’s grace. Ok, so I’m not Shakespeare! But think about it. In a normal shower, the water is already in the pipes, it just needs to be released. This is the way it is with God’s love, […] Continue reading →

Romans 7 Is Not the Norm

 Many believers have sacrificed victory for a substandard Christian walk. They have been taught that they are under a fatal necessity to sin, but not to worry, because even the apostle Paul struggled with sin! Then their lives are continually haunted with the struggle recorded in Romans chapter 7. Paul wrote in Romans 7 that […] Continue reading →