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Can I See Your ID?

Recently as I was recording one of my radio episodes, I found myself making quite a bold statement: “Don’t call yourself a Christian if you’re not living a godly life. I’m not judging you, and it may be true that you’re indeed a Christian. But if you’re not living for the Lord, don’t embarrass Him or His church by presenting yourself to others as a Christian!” We are living in dark times, and the world is looking for someone to shine the light. If you are claiming to be that light, then let it shine! But the world scoffs at those who make a noise about their faith and yet live no differently than anybody else. And Jesus spoke His harshest words to the religious hypocrites.

The reason our society and culture is in so much trouble is because we have strayed off of God’s path. It’s not that God is judging America, it’s that we are simply reaping what we have sown. It’s understandable that the world goes astray, because they don’t know God. The tragedy is that the church has gone astray. It has become almost powerless as the people of God have adapted a “church is what we do on Sunday” mindset. Ultimately, church is not about the worship service. It should be a mission station. It’s not about getting people in the door, it’s about getting the gospel out to the world.

There’s still hope for our nation, and you can be instrumental in its recovery! But the world needs to see your ID, not as a churchgoer, but as one who knows the Lord.
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