Are You Offended?

“Did you hear what he said?  He should be fired!”

These days, one slip of the tongue is all it takes to set others in a rage. It’s become almost trendy to be offended. What’s worse is that it’s often about the wrong things. It’s proper to be offended by evil and immorality, but many are offended by what’s good!

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You Have Problems, BUT…

problems You have problems. I have problems. It’s just the way life is. With Jesus, however, there are reasons to rejoice. You have problems, but you have a good God. God is not the one sending misery and sadness into your life. God’s not putting crosses on you, requiring any extra payment for sin. Jesus has […] Continue reading →

Don’t Know What to Do?

don't know what to do Are you up against a wall?  Nowhere to turn? At your wits end?  It’s comforting to remember that God is not intimidated by the “impossible.” God brought water out of a rock (Exodus 17:6). He can bring life and refreshment out of your hard situation. He’s a redeemer, and He loves you. Your situation may […] Continue reading →

A Cure for Depression

cure for depression You don’t have to be depressed.  There are many different reasons for depression, but in spite of those it’s still possible to find victory. The cure for depression is not far off. You can’t turn off the world. Your situation may seem hopeless or unbearable. But you can choose what you’re going to focus on. […] Continue reading →

A Vision for Missions

a vision for missions “The reason some folks don’t believe in missions is because the brand of faith they own isn’t worth propagating.” I don’t know who said this, but it’s true. Missions is about being so on fire for the Lord that you want to spread the flames! There are many in the church who just aren’t that excited. […] Continue reading →

The Blood of Jesus and the Word of Testimony

blood Satan is referred to as the accuser. He is the exact opposite of love. Satan works to expose our sins and failures. God, who is love, worked to cover them: “Hatred stirreth up strife: but love covereth all sins” (Proverbs 10:12). Not only are we covered, but the blood of Jesus completely takes our sins […] Continue reading →

Biblical Positive Confession

Hebrew_Bible_Word_Distribution_-_שכיחות_מלים_בתנ-ך   Some people get upset when they hear about positive confession. They associate it with New Age teaching, or some other religious fluff. Worse yet, it may be likened to “name it claim it” theology! And because they have misunderstood or have been taught wrongly, they shun what is an otherwise profound biblical concept and […] Continue reading →