Fascination with Sorcery?

I can tell from my website stats that I get a lot of visitors to this blog through Google searches for the terms, "sorcery real life". They then get directed to my post, Sorcery in the Real World. What I can't tell from the stats is whether they actually read through the whole article or not. I suspect that most of them are not seeking an article that is more about Christian faith and overcoming evil influences in this world. I wonder if many of them are instead seeking out how to really practice sorcery.

Perhaps they are among the many who crave power in this world, but have been marginalized to a less than desirable position in life. They then grasp for some kind of magic power to satisfy the void. Or they could be the dreamers who desire to withdraw from a dull or oppressive reality, hoping to create an exciting reality of their own.

Whoever they are, I hope they come to understand this: evil abides for a season in this age, but ultimately will fail in the end. If you believe in the supernatural, then you should believe that there is more to life than just this temporary physical world. The Bible speaks of an eternity to be spent in an entirely different order. The "real life sorcerers" are wasting their time with things that could ultimately separate them from supreme joy and happiness in the ages to come.

To any "would be" sorcerers who have stumbled upon this blog: why succumb to the cheap seduction of a temporary power that will prove to be a hard master in the end? Why not go for the best? There is no greater power to be had in the universe than that which is in Jesus Christ.

If you sincerely put your faith in Him and commit to follow Him, you will discover power you never dreamed of: peace, joy, and strength. Freedom from the sins that have brought you down. Power to resist temptations that you never had before. Love beyond imagination.

Don't fall for the weak "representations" of Jesus. He was the mightiest Man who ever lived. He could have easily come down from the cross when they taunted Him. He could have called for legions of angels to rescue Him and wreak havoc on His enemies. Any weaker one with such power would have. But He chose to suffer instead, that we might be forgiven, and that we might experience a restored relationship with Almighty God Himself.

Then He promised His disciples, "You shall receive POWER from on high" (Luke 24:49). You can read about all the power His disciples wrought in the Book of Acts. And contrary to dead churches and dead theological thinking, that power is still available today to those who believe and seek to do His will.

Jesus said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father" (John 14:12). Read through the gospels and see how the sick are healed and the dead are raised. Blind eyes are opened and deaf ears are unstopped. Now THAT'S power!

The Kingdom of God will be fully manifest in the age to come, and that time is nearer than ever. The devil knows his time is short so there is much evil and seduction at present. You can get in on his short ride and suffer forever afterwards (think of an eternal hangover), or you can choose LIFE and life abundantly in the Victor.

I chose Jesus. It has been over 20 years now. I have experienced His power and my prayer is that you would to.

Please contact me if you make that choice, or if you would like some encouragement along the way.


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