Landslides and Waterfalls

Psalm 97:5: The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD...

Thankful to be home after an awesome trip to an area near the Vietnam border! On the way back, we were stranded when a part of the mountain fell onto the road. This was scary, because it looked like many other spots could have come down as well. We left the car on the mountainside, hiked over the dirt and walked into the small nowhere town below.

That night we stayed in a dumpy little hotel. How wonderful though! A dumpy hotel in a nowhere town can be the Ritz if you change your perspective. We might have been stranded miles away and stuck in the car.

I felt an assurance that the car would be okay, but that night was difficult. The devil tempted me with all kinds of worst-case scenarios: "It's rainy season. What if they can't clear that mess? You'll be stuck here for days!" The devil will always try to tempt us with worst-case scenarios! It is necessary to guard our minds and hearts- to resist these thoughts and think instead on the Word.

A bulldozer started working the next morning, even though it rained all night! It took two hours for it to plow through. It would clear away parts and then more rocks and dirt would fall from the mountainside onto the road. It kept backing up and going at it again and again. Eventually it was ready and we got out while the getting was good!

That's how we need to use the promises of God! The promises clear the way for us, but sometimes we have to keep going at the situation with fresh acts of faith. I considered Psalm 5:12: "For thou O LORD, will bless the righteous, with favor will thou compass him as with a shield." This gave me hope, but the temptations to worry kept coming back like those rocks and dirt falling down from the mountainside. So I had to keep encouraging myself with other promises. This is why it is so important to be continually in the Word of God- so that you are equipped and ready when you need to use the Sword and cut through!
climb to waterfall

On another part of the trip, we came to this beautiful waterfall. You couldn't see it from the road but you had to hike further on a path into the lush surroundings. Many Christians enjoy a good relationship with the Lord but it is just the beautiful scenery along the roadside. I believe God is waiting to shower us with a great waterfall- a more intimate knowledge and experience of His love! It is there for all of us, but it requires separating from the main road and seeking Him in prayer and obedience on the narrow path. I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14)!