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 Welcome to the new version of Interpulpit!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to make some tweeks and fixes from the transition.  

Remember, it's all about GRACE!  We are all in transition. Time on earth is moving towards the end, when God will judge righteously and bring an end to all that's wrong.  If you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, your wrongs have been forgiven. GRACE means you are accepted in the beloved (Eph.1:6).  Rest- the requirement of perfection has been fulfilled in Jesus. Righteousness is not something you can achieve, it comes as a gift by faith. Believe and receive Christ's righteousness in place of yours. That means you can praise God and worship, knowing all is well with you and Him, despite your shortcomings. He sees Jesus.

GRACE is there to cover and empower the believer who walks with God. It is not there to cover loose and sinful living. It is not freedom to sin, it is freedom from sin. It is not tolerance of anything and everything, but it is patient with all in love, and can transform anyone who submits to the cross of Christ.  Rest- it is not about you having to reform and change yourself, it is about letting the powerful Spirit of God change you through the love of Jesus Christ.  Have you received the gift of grace?